Jon AlloManaging Director

Jon has over 26 years experience working within the advertising and marketing industry with practical knowledge of a wide range of business sectors. He has a black belt in Kenpo Karate and enjoys spending time in the water scuba diving or falling off his surfboard.

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Melinda TidyAccount Manager

Melinda brings 7 years of knowledge and expertise from the Radio and TV world with a strong focus on client relationships. Melinda is a social butterfly who gets tickets to every comedy, concert and rugby match she can… Come on Jersey Reds!


Nadine BouteloupGraphic Designer

Nadine has over 5 years experience as a graphic designer bringing her knowledge from working on clients such as Samsung and Volvo in a New Zealand advertising agency. Nadine is a sun seeker and loves spending time at the beach.


Abbie MortonGraphic Designer

Abbie is a very talented illustrator and graphic designer, she has experience in a wide field of industries from commercial to retail. Abbie is a fasionista who enjoys buying and selling her vintage clothing finds.


Johnny Le ChevalierGraphic Designer

Bringing over 18 years experience, Johnny has worked in other local agencies, printers and in-house for a large e-commerce website. Johnny first love is his BMX bike, you’ll see him down his jumps any waking minute he’s not working.


Matic SikosekWebsite Programmer & Developer

Matic is a senior in WordPress who knows his CSS from his HTML. He is originally from picturesque Slovenia.


Sarah Donti-FordFinance Officer

Sarah keeps herself super-busy as mum of 3 girls, being an entrepreneur, completing fitness challenges and as our friendly finance officer.